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Could Spy Phone Software Be Used Legally?

Posted by tombok on January 20, 2012 at 8:45 AM

This is a familiar topic and as with most legal matters there is no straight forward answer. If you happen to read the advertising spiel by almost all the spy phone software suppliers you might believe that it's ok to spy upon anybody, from a spouse to your workforce. The truth is rather different and may lead you to problems with the Laws.

Pay attention to the internet sites advertising this software and you'll quickly see the disclaimer. You should look into the legal situation in your city, keep yourself safe. Privacy laws differ from place to place yet they usually have a regular theme. I've been working with this sort of spy phone software for several years and can share with you what I have noticed to be general guidelines to keep you right.


Several Tips to Begin With


Above all you need to have lawful authority over and personally own the phone you wish to keep an eye on. You cannot simply set it up on any individual’s cell phone without their knowledge - certainly not lawfully. Of course if you have purchased the phone for your own children to use then you are the legitimate owner. Be careful though, the next section here can rule out getting your spouse or partner a mobile phone and then installing the software.  

You have to inform the grown-up user of the cell phone that it's actually being monitored. This safeguards any adult whether husband or wife, partner or worker. You could use the technology on a cell phone you acquire for them but only in the event you make sure they know it can be monitored.


Disregard the Media Hype


You could well wonder how on earth would you “catch an unfaithful spouse” as typically advertized. You can purchase your significant other a cell phone and even use spy phone software programs however you will need to inform them it has software on it and you're able to read through their texts and monitor their phone calls. Bet you can understand the trouble at this point? The fact remains that you can not achieve this, for legal reasons. The software provider is safe due to their disclaimer however they realize some individuals will probably proceed no matter what the law.


How to Keep Legal


In my view, the most effective and the most ethical way for you to use this sort of mobile spy software might be to keep track of your kid’s cell phones. You are lawfully and morally in charge of their safety in the end. You could keep track of where they are and monitor their mobile phone and internet use as a result of installing this spy software. You do not have to continually read through their texts or listen closely to their phone calls but if you have a reason to be concerned you'll have the capability to do a quick check on what they are doing. Peace of mind for the mothers and fathers and safety for the kids.

Another great use is for tracking company cell phones. Bear in mind you will need to inform any adult user of the cell phone that the use is being monitored by some means. Just letting them know this tends to cut down on a lot of unwanted use. You can save a fortune by reducing unwanted use including personal phone calls as well as web browsing or Twitter.  


You can attempt to turn into Mr. Bond and risk considerable penalties when you get detected. Or you may be practical and make use of the software in beneficial and lawful ways. There are ways to use this sort of spy software which may be of great benefit and legal - so be good.


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