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Mobile Spy Review

Mobile Spy reviews online can be a bit predictable, you know, a list of all the features usually written straight from the company website. I have done a few reviews of mobile spy software programs and I try to add something of value for anyone thinking of buying them. I have tried many applications but only really recommend a few – Mobile Spy, Flexispy, Mobistealth and StealthGenie. Quite simply these are the best that I have found in terms of reliability and value.


For a full list of Mobile Spy features you can visit their website Here.

About Spy Phone Software

The first thing to remember is that regardless of the marketing blurb from many of these software providers – there are important legal considerations when using this type of product. The hype will say “spy on your spouse” or “catch a cheating partner”. Most civilized countries have strict privacy laws for our protection and if you look carefully on all the software companies’ websites you will see a disclaimer. The legal issues can be complex and differ from place to place but in general you must own or have legal right over the cell phone and if the user is an adult you must tell them that the phone is being monitored. So for anyone wanting to spy on a partner they will be breaking the law! You need to be aware of the law in your country.

The main legal ways to use this type of software is to monitor your children’s mobile phone use or to monitor your employees – who have been told they are being watched. This software can be very useful and can be used ethically but so many are drawn to it for the wrong reasons and take their chances with the law.

What is Mobile Spy?

It is the most popular spy phone software on the market. It is Not the most advanced one with the best features but it does what it is supposed to and represents great value for money. The thing is, when you look at all these software solutions they mostly do the same basic things. A couple of them have extra features – which you pay more for and they have different pricing plans. Your challenge is to find the software which does what you need it to do and comes at the best price. You don’t need to spend a fortune for all the fancy features unless you really need them. This is where Mobile Spy stands out from the others.

What Can You do with Mobile Spy Software?

It covers all the standard tasks just like its competition. Things like all call and text logs – you can get a list of all calls made and received on the phone, even read all the texts. View all the data stored on the target phone – contact lists, photos emails and internet sites visited. Tracking of the cell phones location and the recent history of movements. With the Mobile Spy Live Control Panel add-on you get real time, live tracking and the ability to control the target phone remotely using text commands. I really recommend the live panel option as it gives you so much more control and makes the software comparable to the other programs.

Why Buy Mobile Spy?

If you need good, reliable cell phone monitoring that works and is good value then Mobile Spy is your best option. The major drawback is that it does not offer any type of call listening or recording – for that you need to buy one of the others and spend about $100 more per year!

Mobile Spy is also available for a good range of cell phones - including Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. They are doing a good job of keeping up with the latest OS updates, MobileSpy supports the iPhone up to 6.1.2 and Android 4.2.2 - but always check their website for the latest upgrades.

Remember that you must have physical access to the target phone to download and install the correct software – it takes a few minutes and then operates remotely.

Another couple of selling points are:  

  • Good support – important when using quite complex software - Mobile Spy have phone support based in the U.S. as well as email and live web chat support.
  • The company is long standing and reliable so your investment will be safe.
  • You can get a free subscription to SniperSpy PC monitoring software with their annual packages. SniperSpy itself is a very useful application which allows you to monitor all PC use – great for parental control features.
  • You can monitor up to three target cell phones with one purchase of Mobile Spy software, making it great for small business users and families.

Did I mention the price? It is the cheapest of the three at around $100 per year and they offer short term contracts from $50 per 3 months.   

So basically if you don’t need live call listening or recording and your cell phone is compatible Mobile Spy would always be my recommendation. It is a safe option for your first cell phone monitoring solution. It really offers the best value and is user friendly with great support. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

You can visit the website by clicking this link - and check it out for yourself.

Remember the legal issues – always use this type of software in a legal and ethical way. Don't forget to check out my other reviews - have a good look around and make sure you get the spy software that best suits your needs. Thanks for reading.

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