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StealthGenie Spy Phone Software Review

Here is a review of StealthGenie spy phone software or more accurately – cell phone monitoring software. I take it you have heard of Stealth Genie; why else would you be here. Now let’s get something straight from the start I’m not going to go through every single feature about this software program singing its praises – you can visit their website here for that!

Why do so many people confuse a review with simply telling you what the software can do? With  genuine reviews I want to know that the person has actually used it and that it works as described by the company. I am looking for some feed back that the program is good value and is easy enough to use without a computer degree!

StealthGenie vs. the Competition

I have tested a few cell phone spy type programs over the last couple of years and can honestly only recommend a few at the moment – Flexispy, Mobile Spy  Mobistealth and Stealth Genie.

You might ask why just these ones? Well I base this on many factors including just whether I like the software itself – when you try a few you soon pick up on the small things which are important. Things like how the companies handle questions or complaints, the ease of using the software (some are quite complex programs) and do they actually work! These programs qualify - in my experience.

The major cell spy programs cover all of the same standard features but each has a unique take on either reporting or added specialist features. This and the pricing structure sets them apart from one another.

Standard features include things like call and data logs, viewing contact lists, text messages, photos and video, remote commands and tracking features. Each program also has different lists of supported cell phones. This is your starting point in terms of making a choice, the spy software you are interested in needs to support the phone you intend to monitor. And remember – you need physical access to the target phone to install the downloaded software (takes about ten minutes).



Does StealthGenie Work?

It works well! Why else would I be recommending it in my review!

Stealthgenie will work on the following types of mobile phone

  •  Android up to OS 4.2.2
  •  iPhone up to OS 6.1.2
  •  BlackBerry up to 7.1

Now available for tablets and the iPad!

This summer - 2013 - they released support for Android tablets and all versions of the iPad. As long as the Operating system version matches you can now monitor all of your devices and cover all bases. They were the first to support these devices and are almost always the first company to release new advanced features and supported operating systems. 

Some New Features in 2013

  •  New language support -now available in Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish and of course English.
  • Chat and Messenger monitoring. WhatsApp messenger, Skype, Viber, iMessage and BB messenger - all can now be monitored.
  • Geo Fencing and alerts - see below.
  • Gmail monitoring - now you can monitor all email accounts.
They keep adding new features, consistently being the first. This shows a real commitment to developing their product - they are going to stick around, not disappear with your cash. 


What Sets the Genie Apart?

It costs more than Mobile Spy so it needs to offer something extra. It really can deliver in two areas:

  • Voice call recording – it is the only program here to be able to record a voice call remotely. With Flexispy you can actually listen in to calls as they happen but not record them - although this feature does not always work well. For some this may be a really useful feature and make StealthGenie the best option. Monitoring employees and need evidence of any inappropriate conversations?
  • Geo Fencing - advanced tracking and alerts – for me, this is the real value of this phone monitoring software. They have gone the extra mile here and really come up with some unique systems. They have combined tracking features with an alert system.

Using online maps you can track the cell phone at any given time and in recent history, just like the others. But here you can set boundary areas or specific locations on the map and when the phone leaves or enters a restricted area you get a text or email alert. This can be great for kids and employee tracking. If your child leaves school you get an alert – are they leaving early? Are your employees where they are supposed to be? The possibilities are almost limitless and you can easily define new areas and alerts – it’s really user friendly.

The best thing is that these features target areas of phone monitoring which are ethical and have a practical, legal use – not like some headline grabbing, “spy on your spouse”. These features are designed to help keep your children safe and for business owners to keep track of staff and potentially save money.

The Trust Factor

This is Important! There are unfortunately a lot of scams around the mobile spy software market. Some products just don't work well and others are outright scams. You need to know that your investment is a wise one and that the product will work as claimed.

Stealthgenie has grown to be one of the most popular spy software programs in the market - with over 100,000 registered users. Repeat custom is important to them and that is why they work hard to be the first to release new advanced features. They have been around for a long time and are a legitimate company - so your money will be safe.   

When You Should Buy StealthGenie Spy Phone Software

First and foremost your phone needs to be compatible before you even consider it - there is an up to date list of supported phones on their website . If you really need the ability to record voice calls – Stealth Genie is the one. If you think you can benefit from the advanced tracking and alert capabilities – StealthGenie is definitely ahead of the competition here.

If however you need basic reporting and none of these extra features are required – StealthGenie may not be the one for you! It is not the cheapest software on the market but it is also far from the most expensive. They focus on providing value for money with advanced features.

I’ll sum it up this way – for the best value but slightly less in the way of features, Mobile Spy is hard to beat. If you want to spend a small fortune - try Flexispy ( which is now way over priced in my opinion). StealthGenie comes into it’s own in terms of the advanced features and tracking and alerts - some real added value. Apart from that, I have found it easy to use, reliable and it does what it is supposed to do.   

You can click here to go to the StealthGenie website – see what you think!
Read my other reviews before making a decision - find the right product for your needs. Remember to read the companies disclaimers – be aware of the legal issues surrounding using spy type phone software. Use it legally and responsibly and everyone can benefit.

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